Hawaii Power Tumbling Program

Chris Jackson, Program Head

Training to learn fast horizontal hand springs, whips, flips, and twists on rebound (springed) surfaces. Roughly half of each class is spent on horizontal springing (ground contact) and half is spent training vertical flipping (air / flight).

Apparatus Used:
Rod Floor, Tumble Trampoline, Trampoline (No Floor Exercise Spring Floor)

Martial Arts Tricking Hawaii
“We all harbor immense potential for extraordinary activity.”

At Hawaii Academy we strive for the safest training conditions possible. This requires an abundance of soft mats and specialized landing surfaces, exceptionally qualified instructors, and lesson plans with behavioral objectives and progressions.

We train gymnasts to apply their skill sets to not only traditional gymnastics events but also to everyday settings, as the sport and physical education units were originally intended. Although ninja is the name, we avoid combative elements and physical contact between participants. We provide structured and disciplined classes of formal instruction with no froo play or dangerous horse play. In addition to our structued classes, we provide time on Monday and Friday evenings for extra practice on skills learned in class and personal development.


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