Tumbling Classes

Max Vercruyssen PhD, Interim Program Head

We are uniquely qualified to give outstanding tumbling instruction because we have:

  • Possibly the best rebound (tumbling) facility in the Pacific (with regulation 3 power tumbling rod floors, 5 long tumbling trampolines/traks, 38 trampolines, 6 double mini-trampolines, double and single level spring floors, traveling overhead spotting equipment, etc.)
  • Many outstanding tumbling instructors (some capable of demonstrating double twisting double somersaults)
  • The capabilities of teaching advanced flipping and twisting at the world level. Whether it is learning a round-off back handspring or a triple somersault, our tumbling classes, and specialized instruction should help you get what you need.


In the beginner class, students learn the fundamentals of tumbling gymnastic: rolls, cartwheels, holding their own weight on hands and feet, swing, circles, landings, and safety maneuvers. Strength, flexibility, balance, and kinesthesis (awareness of position in space) is developed in these classes. Beginner2 classes focus on acquiring handsprings and flips. All beginner classes are one hour in length.


Students are required to demonstrate front and back flips as well as front and back handsprings (on any surface) to enter this class.
Rebound surfaces (tumble trampolines, power tumbling rod floors, as well as single and double double stacked spring floors) are used to learn high speed springs and whips (horizontal movement). The mini-trampoline and high performance trampoline is used to get maximum time in the air for learning tuck, pike and straight (layout) positions while flipping, as well as twisting mechanics. Intermeiate2 classes focus on multiple twisting single somersaults and multiple flips. All intermediate classes are two hours in length.


Multiple twisting and somersaulting skills are developed at this level using a variety of technologies. Advanced classes are usually 3-4 hours in length.