Academic Instruction Department

Max Vercruyssen PhD, Interim Department Chair

dr.maxAll academic curricula are developed and implemented through this department. Program areas include degrees and certificates; course development; member curricula; lifetime fitness; human sciences; human performance and ergonomics; human development and aging; gerontechnology; human research; human neuromuscular behavior; thesis projects; publications; and internships.

Academic Courses:

HumSci 101:  Introduction to Human Sciences

HumSci 201:  Human Anatomy, Physiology, and Biomechanics

HumSci 301:  Human Information Processing and Neuromuscular Control

HumSci 401:  Human Learning and Instructional Effectiveness

HumSci 501:  Human Engineering and Ergonomics

HumSci 601:  Topics in Human Sciences


PE 101:  Introduction to Physical Education, Lifetime Fitness, and Edutainment

PE 201:  Movement Education:  Adult-Child and Preschool Instruction

PE 301:  Trampoline Gymnastics Program Instruction and Management

PE 401:  Tumbling and Acrobatics Program Instruction and Management

PE 501:  Fitness and Mixed Gymnastics Program Instruction and Management

PE 601:  Business Operations for Fitness and Gymnastics Facilities


Res 101:  Introduction to Scientific and Experimental Research

Res 201:  Behavioral Research and Analysis I (Introduction & Experimental Design)

Res 301:  Behavioral Research and Analysis II (Descriptive & Inferential Statistics)

Res 401:  Behavioral Research and Analysis III (Statistical Modeling)

Res 501:  Applied Research and Statistics (Intermediate & Advanced Applications)

Res 601:  Research Practicum

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