Hawaii Academy Policies

  •  Bring socks (preferably socks with grip soles) or buy gym shoes from a manager.
  • Appropriate attire–cool comfortable clothing.
  • No loose or baggy clothing, jeans, belts, dangling jewelry.
  • Long hair must be tied back and out of face.
  • *Registration form must be completed and signed by a parent/guardian.
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Make-ups are prescheduled BEFORE missing class and only in classes with available space (make-ups and trials are NOT permitted in full classes) at all three of our locations. Nationally, make-ups are disappearing–it is a standard NOT to allow make-ups (e.g., what private schools do you know that provide make-up lessons/days for student absences?). Most schools do not allow any form of make-up except in cases where the school cancelled a class. If the class was taught and the student missed the class there is no obligation for the school to provide a make-up. However, for as long as we can, Hawaii Academy will continue to offer the most lenient make-up policies around. We encourage make-ups, not only so the student can do all the lessons for which they have paid, but also to permit the opportunity to try other instructors, classes, and class times. We only ask that members observe these policies:

  1. Please phone or email us BEFORE missing a class to let us know that you (your child) will not be attending. Classes missed without notification are NOT eligible for make-up.
  2. Make-ups ‘expire’ at the end of each calendar month. Because there are no carry-over, please do make-ups before missing the class or before the end of the month.
  3. Make-ups are scheduled during non-peak hours in classes that are not full. We prefer to have make-ups done on week days or weekend afternoons at the Honolulu Gym.
  4. Students arriving for a make-up class without having a prescheduled appointment may be stopped from participating in the class. Please phone ahead to arrange a make-up appointment, preferably when notifying the office you will be absent.

Cancellation Notice:

Once enrolled, a student’s space in a class is automatically reserved from session to session unless the office receives written notice of discontinuation at least two weeks before the end of the session.

Annual Membership:
$60 due 01 January each year for insurance, T-shirt, fitness testing, portrait, registration, etc. Mid-year enrollment is pro-rated at $5 for each remaining month of the calendar year.

Birthday Parties:
Saturdays and Sundays (plus holidays and when no classes are scheduled); $100 deposit; book early because the dates fill quickly.

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