Movement Education Program

Brian Lane, Program Head

Adult & Child

For ages 1-3 this program builds confidence and appreciation of fitness and sports in young children. Basic locomotor skills, balance, coordination, and social interaction are taught in a positive and encouraging manner.


For ages 3-5, our preschool classes allow the student to become comfortable in classroom settings. We also begin to implement the teaching sportsmanship and respect for coaches and peers. Classes are generally grouped by maturity of the students.  Learning to listen, follow instructions, wait one’s turn, and work independently are especially important.


For ages about 4-8 years old, these classes eventually split into a PS class or a Beginner class. The events, equipment and curriculum are modified to accommodate smaller bodies and shorter attention spans. Safety and safe falling are focal points of these classes as they learn gymnastics, movement, fitness, and sports fundamentals.

Our Outreach Program takes equipment and instruction to local schools to share our passion for fitness, gymnastics,  movement and health to students all over the Island of Oahu.