Trial Lessons

Preparing for your trial gymnastics class

Our physical education classes are designed to provide fun, safe, effective, and efficient instruction that promotes self-esteem for students of all ages. The classes are categorized according to ability level (Adult-Child as a pair, Preschoolers, Beginners, Intermediates, Advanced, etc.) and content (Mixed Gymnastics, Tumbling, Trampoline, Ninja, Apparatus, Fitness, Rhythmic, etc.).

Each class within a category further varies according to the teaching styles of the many instructors. Most of the one-hour classes train essential (fundamental) movement skills including running, jumping, landing, rolling, cartwheeling, climbing, dropping, twisting, and maneuvers in different body positions (e.g., tuck, pike, straight/layout, arched, with legs together or separated). Intermediate classes involve handspringing and somersaulting (flipping) maneuvers. Advanced classes are for those capable of double  flipping, double twisting, are or have been on a gymnastics team, or show outstanding potential to achieve the advanced levels.. (Usually the training of twisting double and triple somersaults is done by our most skilled instructors, most often past gymnastics team coaches/judges, with professional credentials.)