Mixed Gymnastics

TBD, Program Head

Students required to use most equipment in the gym each 12-week quarter.


mixed gymnastics
In the beginner class, students learn the basics of proper jumping, bouncing, and landing on/from a variety of events/stations. Students are introduced to artistic gymnastics apparatus: Beam, bars, floor, and vault from women’s artistic gymnastics; bars, floor, vault, rings, mushroom, and parallettes from men’s artistic gymnastics; and rebounding on spring/rod floors, double mini-trampoline, and high performance large trampolines from trampoline gymnastics. After learning fundamentals (roll, cartwheel, springing,, and flipping mechanics) they become qualified for Beginner2 classes. All beginner classes are one hour long. 


Scott Ryan Hawaii Gymnastics Coach
Intermediate classes are 2-hours thus allowing more time for strength training and conditioning. Required skills for entry to all intermediate classes is front and back flips (and handsprings). At this level student learn to flip tuck, pike, and straight (layout) positions, and begin learning twisting.


Multiple twisting and somersaulting skills are developed at this level using a variety of assistance technologies (e.g., overhead spotting rigs and bungies). Off axis flipping and twisting on floor is taught along with a continued focus on strength and conditioning.

Our Outreach Program takes equipment and instruction to local schools.