Adaptive and Special Education Program

adultSince 1999, Hawaii Academy has been developing independent classes designed to meet the needs of students challenged to obtain functional fitness and autonomy. Whether these challenges are congenital or acquired, transitional or permanent, minor or devastating, the Academy aspires to do what it can to help promote lifetime fitness for students of ALL ages and abilities. Obviously there are some limiting conditions that prevent safe participation, and those students that pose potential risk to others must be closely monitored by personal aids, but the objective is to progress towards improvements in personal fitness, self-image, self-esteem, social integration, and functional autonomy.

Our Adaptive and Special Education classes (as part of the Special Needs Program) are designed to assist participants with special needs due to genetic, physiological, psychological, sociological, economic, or other challenges. For those over fifty years of age, see our senior exercise information. Those members capable of functioning without a personal aid are in other programs (e.g., Seniors Flex Fit Program, Adult Gym Fit Program) or regularly scheduled classes. If you would like to make special arrangements, schedule an adaptive education course off-site, or propose a new course to Hawaii Academy (it has to be related to Physical Education or Fitness), please contact our Physical Education or Special Events and Programs Department Chairs.