Family Fun Night Program

Scott Ryan, Honolulu Fun Night Program Head
Mei Ryan, Honolulu Fun Night Program Manager
Anthony Orsillo, Pearl Harbor Fun Night Program Head
Jennifer Orsillo, Pearl Harbor Fun Night Program Manager

After being closed for more than a year because of the pandemic, Hawaii Academy reopens its doors, first for members only and eventually back to everyone. Fun nights feature mini-lessons, time to practice skills learned in classes, and time to just hang-out with friends. Parents are invited to leave their child(ren) with us for the evening and enjoy a much needed “night out,” or join in the fun in the gym. (See HA monthly calendars for days and times available.) Special Parents’ Night Out events are occasionally available during the year, consisting of Fun Night activities plus a movie, meals, and snacks (usually 6-10p at HG and 5-9p at PH).
Hawaii Open Gym

Honolulu Gym

Usually First Friday of the Month
(Ages 6+)

Pearl Harbor Gym

Usually 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the Month
4-5p (Ages 2-5 & Special Needs) & 5-630p (Ages 6+) & 630-8p (Ages 6+)

General Information For Participants

We are reopening FUN NIGHTS (Open Gym) but with some changes that are meant to speed processing and help protect everyone from potential COVID exposure. Thank you for your support and patience while we develop new special events that use our Customer Portal to facilitate enrollment, payment, and rapid entry.

For many reasons, we will return to our Special Events with CDC restrictions and make them available for HA MEMBERS ONLY THROUGH JUNE 4th at the Honolulu Gym (it is important right now that only those familiar with our procedures and those that we have complete contact information are allowed in the gym). After June 4th, assuming 55% of the state are vaccinated and the daily incidence rate of COVID-19 is lower, we plan to open these Fun Nights and other Special Events to the general public (non-members), at all HA locations.

At our Pearl Harbor Gym, to better serve all the diverse ages and abilities of our families/students we are experimenting with three time slots (sessions) defined by age starting with 4-5p (Preschool Ages 2-5 & Special Needs Students with Aids), 5-630p (Ages 6 and older), and 630-8p (Ages 6 and older).

To speed processing (event entry), we are requiring prepayment of this special event through our online Customer Portal. This means reservations, charges, and payment is conducted through our website to allow rapid entry at the event. This is the reason we moved from hourly charges to a single event with a single price (a “Camp” as our class management software calls it).

At our Honolulu Gym, our first Friday Fun Night of 2021 is June 4th, 830-10p, ages 6+, members only, and using the HA website Customer Portal for enrollment.

HA Membership is easy! To become a member of Hawaii Academy just complete the registration/release form and pay the annual membership fee ($5/month for each remaining month of the calendar). Membership allows access to all special events (Fun Nights, Parties, Competitions, Clinics, Workshops, Seminars, Camps, Summer School, Private Lessons, Gym Equipment Sales, … and includes a FREE $10 Academy t-shirt), even without being enrolled in classes. Become a member today!

$15 per 90-minute session
(Gradual Opening To The Public after June 4th)

 Bring socks (preferably socks with gummy grip soles or Gym/Trampoline Shoes). Visit the Hawaii Academy Policies page for more information.

Many adults also find this time ideal for their personal training in a positive and fun environment. Our fun nights are staffed by many highly trained individuals.  Ask for assistance/instruction from anyone working.  Visit and see for yourself.

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