Business Operations Department

Janet Onigama AA, Department Chair, Registrar, and Bursar

Ms Onigama has three main roles in the Academy: (1) as the Department Chair she manages the managers in the processing of money, students, employees, and general operations; (2) as the Academy Registrar she maintains the records of all students and employees, including enrollments, graduation, payroll, certifications, etc.; and (3) as the Academy Bursar she serves as the school’s chief financial officer responsible for accounts receivable and payable. Ms Onigama has worked at the Academy since 1999, just after it opened, doing essentially the same thing all this time. During her tenure she also served as ‘Kelsen’s Mother’ traveling all over the world supporting her son’s quest and acquisition of his age group world champion honors. As an associate director she serves in the Academy’s upper administration giving vision and guidance.

The Business Operations Department oversees the daily fiscal and management activities of our two facilities (3000 students and about 100 employees) in the following hierarchy:

Upper Administration

President — Max Vercruyssen PhD  (Also Research Dept Chair)

Vice President — Donna Mah MD  (Also Chief Medical Director)

Registrar and Bursar — Janet Onigama AA  (Also Associate Director & Business Operations Dept Chair)

Director — Mia Vercruyssen MAT  (Also Physical Education Dept Chair & Special Events and Programs Dept Chair)

Associate Director — Justine Perkins BFA  (Also Honolulu Site Manager)

       Associate Director — Paris Macabeo-Spahn BSBA  (Also Waipahu Site Manager)

Hawaii Academy Business Operations

Site and Shift Managers:

Honolulu Gym

  • Justine Perkins BFA, Site Manager
  • Mei Ryan, Manager
  • Elaine Santo, Manager
  • Lori Shinsato, Manager
  • Heather Jones, Manager
  • Trishia Hollingshead, Manager
  • Paris Macabeo-Spahn, Manager

Pearl Harbor Gym

  • Heather Jones, Operations Site Manager
  • Krystal Ellis, Programs Site Manager
  • Jessica DeKok, Manager
  • Taylor Pickett, Manager
  • Stephanie Thomas, Manager

Waipahu Gym

  • Paris Macabeo-Spahn, Site Manager
  • Taylor Pickett, Manager
  • Alana Cruz-Carson, Manager
  • Sondra Appleton, Manager

Departments and Programs

Each of the eight departments (Physical Education, Recreation, Research,  Sports, Academic Instruction, Clinical Services, Special Events and Programs, Development, and Business Operations) are overseen by their department chair who coordinates the activities in each program (managed by program heads).  Please see our Organizational chart for specifics.

Employee Payroll and Records

Managers collect time sheets and outsource payroll and all such services through commercial agencies to ensure compliance with state laws.

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