Trampoline Shoes




Trampoline Shoes

Check out the colors of our trampoline shoes.  These shoes are often $35 everywhere else, and only $27 from Hawaii Academy, with bulk discounts available!

European Competition Trampoline and Gym Shoes are the HOTTEST item in our Proshop and one of the most popular competition tramp shoes in the world. These Trampoline Shoes are manufactured in Italy, processed through Denmark, and shipped to us through Carita House in Manchester, UK.

Order 10 pairs of shoes at $270 and a check for $27 will be included with the shoes (or mailed separately), payable to the person named by PayPal as the recipient of the order.

Order more than 10 pairs of Trampoline Shoes and it can become profitable (an order of 20, or $540, gets a $54 rebate check, which is equivalent to getting two free pairs of shoes). Inquire about dealer discounts for minimum orders of 200.

Thanks to your online purchases we are now one of the largest suppliers of rubber sole gymnastics/trampoline slippers (of this style) in the United States.

Determining Shoe Size
All orders for Trampoline Shoes must be placed in European Shoe Sizes.  To determine the correct size, simply use the size conversion chart. If you do not know the exact shoe size you need, measure the foot length in centimeters.  This will give you the size for Japanese shoes.  Find the size in centimeters in the Japanese shoe size row on the chart, and convert it to the European Size from there.

30-day exchange policy.  


We charge an additional $4.00 shipping & handling fee for up to (3) pairs of shoes; for more than (3), please add $1.00 for each pair after that for exchanges made with Hawaii Academy.  

Please mail back the shoes you want to exchange with a note of the sizes you want to exchange them for.

Please include the $4.00 postage fee in (Cash/Check). If you’re planning to charge the postage fee, please let us know, and we can set up a time when someone can process your credit card information over the phone.  Our phone number is 1-808-832-5642.

We will ship out the exchanged shoe size when we receive your shoes.

Our mailing address:

Hawaii Academy

Attn: Janet or Elaine

1314 Mo’onui Street

Honolulu, HI  96817