Gym Equipment For Sale

We replace our old equipment with new as often as possible; therefore, everything in the gym is FOR SALE . Please inquire if you want more information or a piece of equipment you don’t see in the gym. We currently have a surplus of equipment in preparation for opening a fourth location. Phone or email any of our gyms for information on availability and pricing (please give contact information and relevant details, e.g., 5’x10’x2″ panel mat or 5’x10’x8″ skills cushion).

Generally, pricing for used equipment is based on 50% of the replacement price, plus or minus an adjustment according to condition of the equipment and its availability. Some items sell for less because of limited demand, obsolescence, surplus, or lack of storage space. A few items, like Olympic competition trampolines are expensive because of limited availability in the Pacific. All equipment is sold, as is, with no warranties (unless contracted), and with an understanding that following sale of the item, the buyer assumes all risks and liability for transport and subsequent use of the purchased equipment. Because we want happy buyers, we try to do all we can for our buyers before and after each sale… ask for assistance whenever you need it.

Artistic Gymnastics Equipment & Supplies

AAI Stratum 6-Spring Vaulting Boards


2 boards in good condition, $500-$700 each.

Beam Training Pads
3 AAI suede and foam wrap-around/removable pad for beam training, good condition, $150.
4 Assorted other wrap-around/removable pads for beam training range are $100 each.

$85 each
Short Balance Beams
2 Floor level balance beams for all levels — preschool-elite for foot balancing, turns, leaps, and handstand drills.


$90-150 each
4-Foot Connectable Floor Beams (Norbert’s & Tumble Trak)
12 These beams are ideal for all ages and all levels. Because they connect end-to-end they can be easily stored under/behind a couch and assembled to a full 16′ length. Because of their suede cover and foam density they feel like a real beam. Because they are close to the ground with a wide, non-skid bottom surface they are especially safe for training. We recommend these as the first training beams for aspiring students. While supplies last, buy more than one and get 10% off the total price.



   Rectangular High Performance Folding Trampolines

13 AAI/American & Nissen Trampolines (bed sizes: 5′ x 10′, 6′ x 12′, 7′ x 14′) with frame pads (new or used of soft foam or firm ethafoam) and various spring options (8″, 9″, 10″, corner springs) and bed constructions (polypropylene, 1/4″-1″ webbing, Australian String, Canadian String, EuroTramp Web (4x4mm, 4x5mm, 4x6mm, … new or used). Inquire about components or entire systems. Complete used tramps (frame, frame pads, springs, transport wheels, and bed) begin at about $1900. Generally, 6′ x 12′ (bed size) trampolines cost $2000-3000; 7′ x 14′ cost $3000-4000; and high-end trampolines can cost over $10,000 ($3700 for the bed alone).  We regularly ship to the neighbor islands (e.g., $150 to Maui) and can deliver on Oahu, if needed. Also, instructions are available for maintenance and opening/closing procedures as well as advise on safety, security, painting to match your house, and alternative installations and uses (e.g., in-ground, wrap-around decking, overhead canopy, overhead rigging for spotting belts and bungees, …).

  Special ‘Minature’ Folding Trampolines

We have two Nissen and one Everlast folding trampolines with 5’x10′ beds (two are 2″ web and one is a black polypropylene fabric), good springs, new frame pads, and transport wheels. These are rare (i.e., difficult to find–a classic), take up little space, and should be collectors pieces that are passed on for generations. We have sold two to circus shows for trampoline clown routines. These trampolines can fold and roll onto a pickup truck bed in less space than an 8′ sheet of plywood (only these trampolines can be transported with the tail gate closed). We don’t know where tramps like this can be purchased anymore. These tramps should last another 30 years (with maintenance) or longer. Configurations vary across tramps but the package price is $1900 each. Make an appointment to see them.

   Euro Double Mini-Trampoline

2 Euro DMT with Euro web beds ($4,600 each).

  Euro Double Mini-Trampoline

3 Euro DMT with Rebound string bed ($5,200).

  Homemade Trainer Double Mini-Trampoline

1 Homemade Trainer with Euro web bed and new frame pads ($3,600)


1 Fixed design (non-folding, non-adjustable) miniature trampolines for teen/adult one-foot takeoffs preschool/children two-foot takeoffs. This device is most frequently used in the training of aerials for cheer, drill, power dance and the performance arts $150 ea


NISSEN 7′ x 14′ Trampoline Bed

1″ web bed.  Re-Stitched, Good Condition. $550

  18″ Red Frame Pads

(covers frames and springs: 4″ to 1″ taper) for a trampoline frame with a 6′ x 12′ bed (approximately 8.5′ x 14.5′ frame size), good condition, $350.

  18″ Blue Frame Pads

(covers frames and springs: 4″ to 1″ taper) for a trampoline frame with a 6′ x 12′ bed (approximately 8.5′ x 14.5′ frame size), good condition, $400.

  18″ Blue Frame Pads

(covers frames and springs: 4″ to 1″ taper) for a trampoline frame with a 7′ x 14′ bed (approximately 10′ x 17′ frame size), fair condition (worn & patched), $200.

  18″ Blue Frame Pads

(covers frames and springs: 4″ to 1″ taper) for a trampoline frame with a 7′ x 14′ bed (approximately 10′ x 17′ frame size), new condition (worn & patched), two sets at $500 each.

  Springs (New and Used)

Used 6-9″ = $2 ea; Used 10″ = $3 ea; New 10″ standard = $6 ea; New 10″ high performance = $8 ea; New 10″ high performance corner (strongest made) = $11 ea

  Frame Pad Lifters/Suspenders

(lifts pads off springs to reduce noise, pad wear, and increase air flow — improves bounce) are usually placed three on each side and two on each end (10 per tramp), used $20 ea, new $25 ea.

Trampoline beds of approximately 5′ x 10′ are on frames of approximately 7′ x 12′.
Trampoline beds of approximately 6′ x 12′ are on frames of approximately 8.5′ x 14.5′.
Trampoline beds of approximately 7′ x 14′ are on frames of approximately 10′ x 17′.

Tumbling Equipment

Ski Floor Tumbling Sections — $160 each
8 sections each 4′ x 6′ (total length of 32 ft) with the height exactly matching regulation rod floor sections, made of wood and downhill skis, good condition, $150 each or $900 for all eight. (Cover with 6′ wide roll foam and top mat or carpet.)

Rod Floor Tumbling Sections — $290 each
38 sections each 4′ x 6′ (total length of 104 ft), a steel frame with fiberglass rods manufactured by Ross Equipment or Flip Side Sporting Goods according to USAG/FIG specifications, excellent condition, $290 each or $2,500 for sets of ten sections. (Cover with 6′ wide roll foam and top mat or carpet.)

Cushions & Pads

5′ x 5′ x 8″ Skills Cushions with Velcro on all four sides.

(Attach additional cushions with Velcro to each of the four sides) $800


  6′ x 6′ x 8″ Skills Cushions connected with Velcro

(velcro on all four sides.) $900 each

Assorted Shaped Cushions and Mats

Many shaped mats and cushions including mailboxes, wedges, donuts, octagons, pyramids, rectangles…

Preschool Cushions, Mats, and Equipment — $arr
Many vinyl covered cushions/mats and objects for movement education classes; in very worn to very good condition (116 items; $50-$300)

Folding Deluxe Mini Wedges — $375

5 Blue 2′ x 4′ x 16″ wedge/slant/cheese cushions (when folded they are 2′ x 2′ x 2′). These are a must for preschool students!


Skills Cushions — $600-750 each
8 Blue 5′ x 10′ x 8″ Cushions (crash pads/practice mats), good condition, $700 each.

Skills Cushions / Trampoline End Deck Pads — $650-800 each
10 Blue 6′ x 10′ x 8″ Cushions (crash pads/practice mats), very good to excellent condition, $800 each.

Portable Pits — $1,200-2,000 each
5.5′ x 11′ x 24″ PortaPits with new covers, capable of being moved by children, foam in good condition-excellent. ($1200-$2000 based on condition)

5′ x 10′ x 32″ PortaPits ($1,000-$2,500 depending on condition)


We have sold hundreds of mats over the past two decades. Recently we started buying extra each year because of the demand during the year. We now have an inventory of prime quality panel and landing mats plus skills and safety cushions. All are constructed of the highest quality 18 mil vinyl that should last way beyond other brands available in Hawaii (most mats are Norbert’s or AAI). For instance, we expect the panel mats (in 2ft panel sections) to last 30+ years.

Norbert’s Highest Quality Custom Panel Mats — $400-700
Blue folding (2ft wide) panel mats (2″ thick), 18oz vinyl covering with velcro on ends and sides, custom made for extra durability and usage, excellent condition (slightly used and new–in plastic bags). Supply varies throughout the year because of multiple shipments.  These are the most popular selling items in the gym.

6′ x 12′ x 2″ Custom Panel Mat

12 – Used and New Folding Panel Mat $600 (Used), $700 (New)

    5′ x 10′ x 2″ Custom Panel Mat

12 – Used and New Folding Panel Mat $450 (Used), $600 (New)

   5′ x 10′ x 1 3/8″ Custom Panel Mat

4 – Used and New Folding Panel Mat $350 (Used), $500 (New)

4′ x 6′ x 4″ Custom Throw Cushion (Sting Mat)

18 – Used and New Non-Folding Throw Mat $300 (Used), $400 (New)
Blue soft foam throw cushions (crash pads/practice mats) for trampoline and other apparatus (ideal for under preschool equipment), very good to new condition. We are designing these cushions for many different applications so we have units with four handles, two handles, with mesh (for air release) and without mesh, all with a zipper (not Velcro) to replace the foam.

Blocks for Spotting, Canyons, Preschool, & Platforms

Foam Blocks / Canyon Boxes — $300-450 each
17 blocks/boxes (approximately 2′ x 4′ x 30″ and 4′ x 4′ x 30″ in 16# and 32# densities), vinyl covered, good condition, $300-$450 each. We use blocks daily, by all of our classes, for many purposes. They are more valuable than panel mats. We bought and made 32 but don’t need all of them in our gyms. Check the prices from Norbert’s and AAI to ship these items to Hawaii… these are a great value!

AAI Spotting Box — $250
3 AAI blue vinyl covered 2′ x 4′ x 3′ spotting/training box with zipper, reinforced handles, 3 soft sides & 3 firm sides, good condition, $250.

Other Equipment Items

Large Commercial Electric Fans — $100-$200 each
8 fans available (24″-48″ heavy duty) in various conditions. We are continually replacing our fans…

Lots More …
Phone to ask if there is something you need … we probably have it for sale or to rent/lease at a good price at one of our locations or in storage.

New and Used Gym Equipment For Rent/Lease
We are probably the leading supplier in Hawaii of rental gymnastics equipment for movie and television productions, shows, exhibitions, conferences, displays, etc. Contact us for quotations and ideas for set and equipment designs. We have a licensed/registered ergonomists, engineers, and stunt trainers that specialize in human flipping, twisting, crashing, and equipment design.

Training Supplies

Athletic Tape (per roll) $3
2″ Serrated Edge Tape $3
2″ Straight Edge Tape $3
Flesh Colored Tape $4.00
Foam Underwrap $2.50