Gymnastics for NINJA Program

Max Vercruyssen PhD, Program Head

Short Explanation:  This program prepares students for participation in Hawaii’s version of America Ninja Warrior (Championships), as seen on television.

Our Definition of NINJA:  The ability to effectively and efficiently move through an environment (often an obstacle course), or on apparatus, smoothly and stealthily while displaying exceptional technique in a way that appears effortless and unnoticeable (covert/stealth/silent). Thus, we use Ninja to refer the way gymnastics skills are performed with no reference to combat or martial arts.

We all harbor immense potential for extraordinary activity.

At Hawaii Academy we strive for the safest training conditions possible. This requires an abundance of soft mats/cushions and specialized landing surfaces, exceptionally qualified instructors, and lesson plans with behavioral objectives and skill progressions. We train students to apply their skill sets to not only traditional gymnastics events/apparatus but also to everyday settings, as the sport of gymnastics and gymnastics physical education units were originally intended. We avoid combative elements and physical contact between participants.

Extra Practice:  We provide structured and disciplined classes of formal instruction with no free play or dangerous horse play. In addition to our highly structured classes, we provide time on First Fridays (8-10p at the Honolulu Gym) and Second Saturdays (5-8p at the Pearl Harbor Gym; military base access required) evenings for extra practice on skills learned in class, personal development/training, and practice with friends not yet taking classes (see HA schedules inquire at the office for Fun Night information). Check us out for Ninja Training Hawaii.


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