Hawaii Trampoline Program

Nani (Vercruyssen) Nagata, Program Head

Trampolining is not only fun, but surprisingly beneficial and can be a key factor for a healthy lifestyle. We offer a variety of Trampoline Classes at HA for all ages and skill levels.


In the beginner class, students learn the basics of proper jumping and bouncing, drops and landings, and trampoline skills. They are taught international techniques for jumps and drops (e.g., seat drop, back drop, front drop, and combinations with twists). Safety and fun are focal points of our beginner classes. Beginner2 classes accept only students ready to train forward and backward flips and handsprings. Trampoline training is ideal for this because of the forgiving surfaces, extra air time, and many more repetitions per class than learning these skills on harder surfaces. All beginner classes are one hour in length.

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Students enter this level being able to do front flips, back flips, (and ideally front handsprings and back handsprings). At the intermediate level students learn to perform flips in tuck, pike, and layout (straight) positions. At this level twisting is added to all jumps and drops… and eventually to flips. Students are also introduced to the whip-type and layout-type somersaults on the trampoline and other rebound surfaces. The double mini, tumble tramp, and rod floor becomes more integrated in classes with routines like those done in the Olympic sport of trampoline gymnastics. Students entering Intermediate2 classes must be able to do a series of backward handsprings (or front flysprings) and both front and back flips in a layout position. With these skills they can focus on multiple twisting single flips and double flips. All intermediate classes are two hour long.

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Students in advanced classes must meet one of three requirements: (1) they were previously on upper level USAG teams, (2) they are capable of doing multiple twisting or flipping skills (e.g., double twisting singles or double flips). A variety of assistance technologies (e.g., overhead spotting rigs and bungies systems) help in learning multiple twisting and flipping skills. Advanced training is usually three hours long and requires a high level of general and trampoline-specific fitness to navigate the high g- and other forces involved in high bouncing. Learn more about our teams.

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Our Outreach Program takes equipment and instruction to local schools.