Artistic Gymnastics

Men’s Artistic Gymnastics (Floor Exercise, Pommel Horse, Still Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars, and High Bar) and Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, and Floor Exercise) are not taught at HA in a different way. Because of our mission to serve all ages and ability, regardless of sex, our programs are predominantly coed. However, there is occasion to separate females and males when competitions are unfair because of strength/power differences so in these cases we give awards within the sexes.

Also, artistic gymnastics (the 10 events listed above) is generally restricted to a limited range of age (e.g., preschool children and older seniors should not be on the high balance beam for risk of injury; artistic gymnastics has many high impact maneuvers with the equipment that limits participation in later life).  So instead, HA offers APPARATUS CLASSES, similar to those offered on college campuses and ninja classes which emphasize apparatus skills applied to everyday activities. This gives an orientation to artistic gymnastics and often satisfies the interest of students who do not wish to compete in artistic gymnastics but wish to learn basic skills on gymnastics equipment.  The mission of the Academy is to provide lifetime fitness instruction for all ages and all abilities so we teach these classes as coed (males and females together) with access for 6-99 year olds divided according to abilities (beginner, intermediate, and advanced).  Remember, apparatus classes will be primarily conducted on gymnastics apparatus so don’t expect to tumble or jump on the trampolines (also sign up for classes in tumbling, trampoline, and mixed gymnastics if you like). Ninja classes basically apply all disciplines of gymnastics to navigating obstacle courses with a heavy emphasis on physical fitness and adaptability.

adultBeginners (6yrs and over)
Beginning classes emphasize fundamentals of apparatus, including mounting, dismounting, swings, supports and hangs, holds, beginning skills, and the assembly of skills to make up a routine. Curricula include skills objectives for each apparatus in instructional units and rotated to complete one cycle in two sessions (16 weeks).  Apparatus available include high bar (height adjustable metal and wood bars as well as special rails offset from the walls), still rings (three sets now, five more coming), high and low balance beams, vault (on table and boxes using boards and mini trampolines), ropes (8 ropes for climbing), mushroom (pommel horse training), parallettes (low parallel bars), handstand trainers (low hand holds), climbing wall and net, horizontal ladder, stall bars, pull-up and leg lift bars, ropes for skipping, and others as introduced by the instructor.

Intermediate (6yrs and over)adult
These two hour classes are an extension of the beginner classes to become more skilled at essential maneuvers and to acquire more advanced skills so that the student can either remain in two hour recreation classes or advance to three hour team training practices. Like with the beginner classes, curricula are based on units, each with required skill proficiencies that extend from novice through advanced levels. In addition to two hour intermediate classes, students may create two hour classes by taking two one hour classes in series.

We have instructors capable of teaching to the highest levels [e.g., sensei Mako (Sakamoto, Makoto), a three-time Olympian and 23-time NCAA champion in men’s artistic gymnastics, has coached five of the US’s all time best Olympians].

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