Trampoline Teams

Coach Kira Vercruyssen, Trampoline Teams Program Head

We have two major divisions of competitive sports programs: a Non-Traveling State-Level Trampoline-Tumbling Teams Division and a Traveling Trampoline Teams Division. The first competes under the banner of Hawaii Academy and seldom leaves Honolulu, never the state of Hawaii. The second division competes under the banner of Hawaii Trampoline Teams and travels throughout the world. In all there are seven programs: State Teams, Junior Teams, High School Teams, College Teams, Adult Teams, Seniors Teams, and Elite Teams. Following our mission statement, HA athletic teams promote lifetime fitness for members of ALL ages and abilities! Our teams emphasize LIFE LESSONS!

International Trampoline Teams Program

Coach Nani Vercruyssen, Program HeadImage description

The highest level of training is elite. These players typically train five hrs per day for six days per week. By invitation only, these players must meet the USAG elite requirements and are usually training for membership on US national teams and international assignments. From 2003 to 2007, this program produced over 30 JO national championships, over 10 elite national championships, and three age group world championships. Because of Dr Vercruyssen's (attempted) retirement from coaching, in 2007 this program was closed following the World Championships and World Age Group Competitions (Nov & Dec, 2007) with most involved pursuing other sport interests. Nani Vercruyssen wanted to pursue 2012 Olympic selection and become the head coach of this group so a small team was maintained with minimal travel during this period.  Today Coach Nani is building an international travel group that aspires to compete at the elite level.

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Adult Trampoline Teams Program

Dr Donna Mah, Program Head

Those age 19-49 yrs train at Hawaii Academy and compete in four Hawaii meets and wherever they can find another group of adults interested, anywhere in the world.


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Kupuna (Elders) Trampoline Teams Program

TBN, Program Head

Those age 50-99 yrs train at Hawaii Academy and compete in four Hawaii meets per year and wherever they can find another group of seniors interested, anywhere in the world.  This program is currently in hiatus until after the 2012 London Olympics.


Last Revised:  2015-04-15