Sign Up For The Winter Slumber Party December 17

Winter Slumber Party

Saturday, December 17-Sunday, December 18

Who’s Invited:  Boys & Girls, Members & Non-Members, Everyone age 6 and older, anyone interested in Gymnastics, Bouncing, Flipping & Twisting FUN!


Items To Bring:  Pajamas, Sleeping Bag or Blanket, Pillow, Toiletries

Drop-Off:          6:00 pm              Pick-Up:           8:00 am

Cost:  $40 for the first child ($35 for subsequent siblings)

Meals Provided:  Saturday Night Dinner, Snacks, Sunday Morning Breakfast

Instruction/Supervision: HA Coaches & Managers, Advanced Athletes, & Team
Parents and Volunteers

(Beginners bond with and get ‘coached’ by advanced team athletes)

Benefits:  Participants – A fun experience of gymnastics, trampoline, games, and active play       Parents – Opportunity to enjoy a parent’s night out
All HA Members – Slumber parties raise money for equipment maintenance

Activities: Instruction; All Gymnastics Apparatuses; Tumble Tramps; Contests and Games; Snacks Available All the Time; Lots of Time to Talk Story With Friends; etc.

6-7 pm Warm-up, Supervised Play, Gathering of Friends, Making New Friends
7:15 pm Dinner and Activities Break      8:00 pm Some Instruction; Supervised Play; Games & Contests; Videos; Social Exchanges and More
9:30 pm Snack Break and Shift to Less Strenuous Activities
11-midnight Castle Building (w/ Panel Mats & Blocks); Preparing Sleep Areas 12-1 am Lights Out
1:00 am Gym Quiet! (assurance for parents that children will not be too exhausted on Sunday) 6:30 am Lights On, Wake-up, Wash-up, Breakfast
7:00 am Final Supervised Play, Restore the Gym (Full Cycle Everything in Gym) 8:00 am Pick-up and Gym Cleaning  (Sunday Classes begin at 8:30 am)

Emergency Contact: Hawaii Academy Kalihi Gym Phone 842-5642

Parents are welcome to observe, help supervise, or assist in any way.

MAXIMUM of 60 PARTICIPANTS. Reserve your space today!


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