Scott Ryan Movement Coach

Coach Scott began his journey of movement at age 4 in Brooklyn, NY in the early 1980’s. He says “it was a really unique time and place to grow up, there was so much happening with the evolution of movement and dance”. Breakdancing eventually lead to gymnastics where he earned both state and national champion titles. He retired from competitive gymnastics at age 16 to explore more free forms of movement. A growing interest in martial arts and stunt work kept his active lifestyle going.

Scott has been teaching all forms of movement and sports his entire adult life. He currently runs the only free movement forum in the state of Hawaii and has an impeccable safety rating. “Focusing on safe falling and transitioning a falling body is at the foundation of all sports”.

More recently his own training in Parkour and Martial Arts Tricking has only added to his repertoire. If you are into sports, movement or pushing your limits, come check out coach Scott at Hawaii Academy on a Friday night.