Program Changes

SEVERAL PROGRAMS ARE CLOSING IN NOVEMBER 2017: Fun Nights, Classes for Students Over Age 22, and Some Special Events

Greetings HA members and website visitors,

This past year losses to insurance underwriters has caused many changes in general liability insurance regulations and premiums for gymnastics schools like ours. Many schools in the US have had to discontinue some of their activities or change operating policies according to new mandates/policies. Hawaii Academy is hardest hit by limitations and restrictions, particularly those pertaining to participant age and deviation from formal instruction/curricula. We would like to continue offering the programs we have for nearly two decades. However, we are immediately closing several of our popular programs that will no longer be covered in the near future.

We regret whatever inconvenience such program closures cause. Student safety and the quality of our programs must be maintained at the highest standard we can deliver.

If you have suggestions, complaints, or wish additional information about closing programs please contact me directly.

With sincere appreciation of your support of the Academy for its 19 years,

Max Vercruyssen PhD
Hawaii Academy President
cell 808.741.2223

No longer available will be classes for students over 22 years of age and fun nights at any of our facilities:

Last Honolulu Fun Night                   Fri 11/17 8-10p
Last Pearl Harbor Fun Night            Sat 11/18 5-8p

Last Seniors Fitness Class                Mon 11/27 1145a-115p

Last Tue Adult Class                           Tue 11/28 730-930p
Last Thu Adult Class                          Thu 11/30 730-930p