Private Gymnastics Lessons Honolulu Hawaii

Private lessons are generally discouraged at Hawaii Academy.  In general, we prefer that students take more classes at $5-15/hr rather than private lessons at $60/hr.  However, there are some mitigating circumstances where private lessons are appropriate.  For instance, in cases where an individual needs a particular skill/sequence/routine to be selected as a cheerleader, dancer, team gymnast, or other performer and they are running out of time before the tryout.  Another example is special circumstances involving physical/mental rehabilitation.

Private Gymnastics Lessons Honolulu Hawaii 

Booking of a Private Lesson can be done through the recreation office personnel. If a student is not enrolled in a class, and is only taking private lessons, a registration (release of liability) form must be filled out. Furthermore, if s/he completed three private lessons the annual membership of $60 (prorated to $5 for each month remaining in the year) has to be paid. This is to ensure coverage of the students for insurance purposes. Private Lessons cannot interfere with ANY other Hawaii Academy classes (Recreation or Team), programs or events (Birthday parties, Workshops, etc.). Private lessons are a privilege and not a right.  Our private lessons are all process through the Day Manager, recorded on a list of all private lessons conducted at the Academy, and closely monitored to insure the best possible experience for the client, student, and all involved.

Team players receive private lessons as needed when normal practices cannot produce the required results in the time available.  For instance, in women’s artistic gymnastics, floor exercise routines are often choreographed in separate private sessions.  Sometime physical/mental injuries require remedial or rehabilitation training separate from regular practices.  In all cases, like being assigned a physical therapist following an injury, the number of private lessons required to obtain the objective must be agreed upon by the head coach of each sports team involved as well as the coach giving the privates, player, and client.

In some cases a contract is drawn to define risk for the student and Academy, restrict visibility (insure training privacy), and to protect certain property/ownership rights.  Examples of this are professional athletes who wish to add additional twists or flips to their performances so the resulting new skill will be named after them.  Obviously the player, client/sponsor, and manager does not want anyone seeing the training sessions and requires a non-disclosure clause in the contract.  In all of these cases the professional performer has provided HA with a certificate of insurance listing HA as an additional insured.  Further, such training is always closely guarded by Academy directors and other personnel, who are all sworn to secrecy.  All such contracted training is processed through Dr Vercruyssen to meet the needs of the client and the policies of the Academy.  It is important in these cases that risk management is clearly defined, especially when the professional has disability insurance and injury protection.

Several Olympic medalists have trained at HA to add additional difficulty or unique maneuvers to their performances. Like with the professionals, this training is contracted and often done in private sessions, with permission from the national governing bodies involved (as well as the necessary Olympic Committees involved).  Please contact Dr Vercruyssen early to allow time for NGB and OC approval.  With approval there exists considerable mutual insurance protection and because little money is generated while in amateur status, such training contracts are less expensive than professional agreements.

Costs & Payment Policies

Private Lesson pricing is $60 for 1 hour and $35 for ½ hour sessions and are restricted to no more than  three participants.  Under no circumstances can there be more than three participants unless the Special Events & Program Department Chair or an Academy Director grants permission. These lessons are considered to be a necessary aid for a student and not be another separate class.

All payments have to be made prior or at the time of the private lesson and all checks should be payable to Hawaii Academy.  [Instructors are paid their regular salary for doing private lessons and the remaining income goes directly into our liability insurance fund.]


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