Our current overall total weekly enrollment is about 70% of pre-pandemic numbers. This sparsity of people in the gym is ideal for physical distancing but challenging for economic solvency. (Thank you for supporting all local businesses that are experiencing extreme hardship.)

Hawaii Academy Gyms Are Open


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————– REQUIREMENTS ————–

All students should bring a face mask, water bottle, gym shoes or socks, gym bag, and supportive attitude to classes (drinking fountains are for filling water bottles only), get health screened each time entering the facility, wear face covering properly, maintain a distance from others, and assist with cleaning vinyl surfaces.

Everyone must follow gym rules for compliance with city, county, state, and federal mandates and health recommendations. Some families will certainly fear the virus or have other issues that have emerged because of the pandemic. In general, we still advise: If you are not comfortable with the risks associated with participating in gymnastics with us at this time, please do not enroll in classes until you are.

All students and employees are ASSUMED TO BE HEALTHY (free of any illness) and those who traveled through areas with potential exposure risk must have self-quarantined for two weeks before returning to group gatherings. Everyone entering our buildings must have an infrared forehead temperature no higher than 100.0 degrees F and pass exposure screening (warning: being physically active in the sun without a hat raises forehead temperature and testing in the sun raises instrument measurements). Student class enrollments are restricted to 10 per group and a total participant occupancy of 70 (not counting employees and spectators), individual separation/distancing, and masks worn by everyone age two and older. Because of the reduced number of students enrolled per hour, please consider attending classes at non-peak hours. Consider attending classes on weekday mornings, at lunchtime, and later in the evenings (recommend new times for classes to our managers). Our re-opening is in accordance with CDC and State Dept of Health guidelines, but if you are in doubt about the safety of your family please do not return to gymnastics classes or any other such activities until you are okay with the risk. Return to educational environments only when you feel participation is at an acceptable risk.

Cloth Face Covering Required For ALL Age 2 And Older (2021.01.12 CDC Guidelines also see recommendations by the American Academy of Pediatrics). Please go outside if toddlers cannot keep their masks on. Currently our only exceptions are for our elite team gymnasts when jumping 20′ into the air for doing multiple somersaults and twists, with no others nearby, fans blowing upward from under the trampolines, when doing multiple skills (e.g., competition routines). However, when not jumping this high they are required to have their masks covering their faces, as required for everyone. AGAIN, please notice that compliance with CDC Guidelines requires masks be worn in public (indoors) by all individuals AGE 2 and older. This policy is expected to change soon when the Hawaii State mask mandate is rescinded or changed.

COVID Responsibilities Informed Consent and Release Form. During Oahu Reopening Phases I and II, adult student members and parents/guardians representing child members (and representing all in their immediate family that might enter an HA facility to watch lessons) must sign our Informed Consent and Liability Release Form before attending classes. (Click here to view/download form.) This form is not required while in Phases III and IV.

Trial Lessons are no longer “Free.” Like on the mainland, in Hawaii the days of free trial gymnastics lessons are coming to an end. Most families now just sign up for classes, without a trial, especially when availability of popular classes are limited. As long as possible, we will keep the trial lessons at a nominal charge: 1hr classes = $5, 2hr classes = $10, and 3hr classes = $15.

NEW and Low Enrollment Classes: Sign up for the most individual attention possible. It is ideal to do trial lessons and concentrated training in classes that have a low student-teacher ratio and as few students in the gym as possible. We publish our NEW and Low Enrollment Classes weekly during this pandemic recovery time of growth when we are opening new classes as fast as possible. Please consider adding new classes with your favorite instructors when the gym is least populated (see this special schedule of classes): Honolulu Gym Low Enrollment Classes Pearl Harbor Gym Low Enrollment Classes

GYM SHOES AND CLOTHING SALE: Use our online proshop ( to purchase gym shoes, leotards, gym bags, etc. Gym shoes are required (except for trial lessons, fun nights, and special events). The gummy soles provide traction on all surfaces (socks need to go on and off according to surface traction) and they keep the gym much cleaner (than bare feet). We have new ($22/pair at any gym and $25/pair purchased online and mailed to your address at no charge) and recycled ($3-12/pair at any gym). We also have t-/polo-shirts ($10-15 new, $3-5 recycled), leotards (mostly GK brand and custom made for HA (new and recycled), and a limited supply of gym shorts, caps, license plate holders, etc.

GYMNASTICS EQUIPMENT FOR SALE: We regularly sell everything in all three gyms and replace sold items with new equipment. Now is the perfect time to purchase new or used equipment for your HOME FITNESS AREA… Delivery is available for a small fee. (Go to HA Shopping Page for Gymnastics Equipment)

Please check this page for daily updates and additional information.