Hawaii Academy Cautiously Resuming Classes July 30th

Hawaii Academy facilities (Honolulu, JBPHH, and Waipahu) have been closed to the public since March 17th because of the Coronavirus Pandemic. We received permission to open and planned on doing so July 2nd but there has been an increased number of reported COVID-19 cases (Total=1158 as of 7/10) so we have postponed opening for another two weeks (and will postpone again if reported new cases per day do not drop to acceptable levels). Please watch this page for updates.

If then number of reported daily cases becomes acceptable, we plan to reopen gradually starting July 30th, first with competitive teams and then older intermediate-level classes followed by our younger student (e.g., ages 1-12) classes. Our Honolulu and Pearl Harbor facilities are now scheduled to reopen on July 30th (with no classes on Friday 7/31 and Saturday 8/1) and our Waipahu Gym will start on August 4th.

Adult Student Members and Parents/Guardians representing child members (and all in their immediate family) must sign our Informed Consent and Liability Release Form before attending classes.

Everyone will be required to re-enroll for classes, starting July 7th. Soon we will announce the procedure with details about new restrictions on participation. All starting or resuming students should bring a gym bag, water bottle, mask, gym shoes or socks, and supportive attitude to classes.

We are doing everything we can to meet the health and economic challenges but we cannot reopen without everyone helping (cooperating). Some families will certainly fear the virus or have other issues that have emerged since/because of the pandemic. In general, we advise: If you are not comfortable with the risks associated with participating in gymnastics with us at this time, please do not return to classes until you are.

The account for each HA member family reflects a tuition credit or no charge during the federally mandated coronavirus closure and State of Hawaii “Stay at Home Order” and “Safer at Home Orders” (March 17-27 virus closure rebate/credit; March 28-April 2 was a scheduled instructional break for which no tuition was collected; April 3-June 30 will have no charges if there are no classes).

There is no need for families to disenroll members from the Academy during this current period of social distancing. Credit card autopay has been suspended during the closure. (No tuition will be collected until the start of classes is authorized and announced/confirmed.)

Here are two frequently updated sites for coronavirus pandemic reports:



[When we finally reopen, all students are assumed to be healthy (free of any illness) and those who traveled through areas with potential exposure risk must self-quarantine for two weeks before returning to group gatherings. Expect fewer people and classes in the gym per hour (maximum gym occupancy and class sizes determined by total square footage of the gym divided by 36 square feet per person), individual separation, masks required, and more classes offered throughout each day and across the week. Plan on re-enrolling for classes and, because of the reduced number of students enrolled per hour, please consider attending classes at non-peak hours. Because children are not attending regular schools until August, consider attending classes on weekday mornings, at lunchtime, and later in the evenings. Our re-opening will be according to CDC and State Dept of Health guidelines, but if you are in doubt about the safety of your family please do not return to gymnastics classes or any other such activities until you are okay with the risk. Return to educational environments only when you feel participation is at an acceptable risk.]

TUITION SALE: Please consider buying online tuition e-Gift Cards now (to help motivate the HA student of your choice) and get 10% additional tuition credit when you take classes (e.g., buy a $100 gift card during this coronavirus closure and receive a tuition credit of $110 that is redeemable when we resume classes). To purchase HA e-Gift Cards go to Hawaii Academy’s Parent/Customer Portal and purchase a card (of whatever amount you wish) to have the 110% credit posted directly to your account: https://app.iclasspro.com/parentportal/hawaiiacademy/giftcertificates.

GYM SHOES AND CLOTHING SALE: Use our online proshop (https://www.hawaiiacademy.com/shop/) to purchase gym shoes, leotards, gym bags, etc.

GYMNASTICS EQUIPMENT SALE: We regularly sell everything in all three gyms and replace it with new equipment. Now is the perfect time to purchase new or used equipment for your HOME FITNESS AREA… We will deliver purchases to your house.

USA Gymnastics: Can’t wait to #GymAgain! (Video message from USAG to American gymnastics clubs and members)

USA Gymnastics Disciplines Return to Team Training: (a USAG PDF: Physical and Mental Health Guidance for a Safe Re-Integration of Gymnastics)

Please check this site later for updates and additional information.