Hawaii Academy Closed March 17th – April 30th

Hawaii Academy facilities (Honolulu, JBPHH, and Waipahu) are closed to the public March 17th through April 30th. We plan to reopen May 1st, conditions permitting. During closure all facilities will have managers respond to emails and phone calls remotely.

The account for each HA member family reflects a tuition credit or no charge for this period of closure (March 17-27 virus closure rebate/credit; March 28-April 2 was a scheduled instructional break for which no tuition was collected; April 3-30 will have no charges if there are no classes). If return to classes is further delayed by Hawaii State order to remain at home, we will also prorate tuition for the return month, as well.

There is no need for families to disenroll members from the Academy during this current period of social distancing. Credit card autopay has been suspended during the closure. (No tuition will be collected until the start of classes is authorized and announced/confirmed.)

Please note Hawaii State “Stay at Home / Work From Home” Order (until April 30th):

[When the time comes that we are allowed to return to classes, all students are assumed to be healthy (free of any illness) and those who traveled through areas with potential exposure risk must wait two weeks before returning to group gatherings.]

Please check back for updates and additional information.