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The above links will take you to our class management site (iClass Parent Portal) where you can register, sign up for classes, make changes to your current classes, or just view class information and schedules.  The actual number of available openings for each class will be displayed following login.  You must be registered login and then you can enroll, change, classes, make payments on-line.

If you wish to print our Kalihi weekly class schedule please go to Kalihi Gym Classes and print the PDF file at your location.  This listing shows the instructors teaching the classes and future planned openings. Likewise, if you wish to print our Pearl Harbor weekly class schedule please go to JBPHH (Pearl Harbor) Gym Classes and print the PDF file at your location.

     Page Last Revised:  2015-05-07
Kalihi Gym Classes

2015 Annual Calendar
(Shows Days of 'No Classes')

JBPHH (Pearl Harbor) Gym Classes
Team Practice 2015 Safe Falling Workshop Schedule HA Sport Teams Event Calendar


Tuition at Hawaii Academy is based on four-week (monthly) sessions, 12 per year (48 weeks of instruction).  Four weeks of the year (four per week day = 28 days total) there are scheduled breaks with no regular classes on these days.  It is during these breaks that we host gymnastics competitions, conduct clinics/workshops/seminars, and conduct major construction and maintenance. Clients pay for only 48 weeks of instruction each year.  Therefore, no tuition is collected for scheduled closures (posted 'No Classes') so these days are NOT eligible for make-ups.  Instead consider participating in the home meets we host or the clinics and workshops conducted during these breaks in regular classes.

For a calendar that illustrates the sessions of the year for each day of the week, the days of no regularly scheduled classes, our home competitions, our annual slumber parties, our monthly safe falling workshops, and the private/public schools breaks during which HA hosts fun care camps, please see our 2015 Annual Calendar.

The HA Home Meets we host for international teams serve as outstanding opportunities to see world class athletes perform.  These meets are best viewed from a participant's perspective (ALL ages and abilities) but are also open for spectators.

The HA Team Schedule shows the team practices for our sport teams. This schedule also includes the tuition for the sport teams.