Nani on Hawaii Sports People

Date Aug 2011

Nani Video

Nani was featured on OC 16's Sports People Hawaii. The interview is about her road to the 2012 Olympics. The interview briefly covers her training methods. It also introduces the husband and wife combo of Nani's coaches who also happen to be her parents.

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Nani's Biography

Date April 2012


Name:           Nani Lee Sai Vercruyssen

Age:             19 years old (92.02.06) Born 3rd of 4 girls
Nationality:  USA
Ethnicity:     1/2 Chinese and 1/2 Dutch/Belgian/French
                     (Mah & Chang)  (Vercruyssen & Lafond)
Hometown:  Honolulu, Hawaii
School:         University of Hawaii -- KCC (2nd Year)
Teams:         United States Senior National Teams & Hawaii Academy Elite Team
Occupation: Student-Athlete (Trampoline Coach / Judge / Instructor)
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