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2011 Jan:  Japan Double Mini-Trampoline National Championships, Tokyo

(Hawaii Athletes Nani Vercruyssen and Zac Ceroli became the overall grand champions for women and men, respectively)

2011 Mar:  11th Hawaii Trampoline Championships, Honolulu

(Remembering that Hawaii and Texas were once sovereign nations, four clubs from Texas challenged Hawaii to an 'international' competition with national athems and flags)

2011 Jan:  11th Paradise Friendship Cup, Honolulu

(This competition included players from Kaminoyama City in Northern Japan)

2009 Mar:  1st Pacific Friendship Meet, Honolulu

(This competition featured the top three players from the Japan Junior National Championships for males and females in grades 1-3, 4-6, and 7-9 on trampoline and double mini-tramp... players came from throughout Japan)