Hawaii Free Gymnastics Trial


Preparing for your free trial class

Our physical education classes are designed to provide fun, safe, effective, and efficient instruction that promotes self-esteem for students of all ages. The classes are categorized according to ability level (Adult-Child as a pair, Preschoolers, Beginners, Intermediates, etc.) and content (Gymnastics, Tumbling, Trampoline, Ninja, etc.).

Free Trial Gymnastics Class

Each class within a category further varies according to the teaching styles of the many instructors. Most of the one-hour classes train essential (fundamental) movement skills including running, jumping, landing, rolling, cartwheeling, climbing, dropping, twisting, and maneuvers in different body positions (e.g., tuck, pike, straight/layout, arched, with legs together or separated). Intermediate classes involve handspringing and somersaulting (flips). Advanced classes are for those capable of twisting while flipping, double somersaults, etc. (Usually the training of twisting double and triple somersaults is done by team coaches.)

  • Browse our website. Look at our class schedules.  Download and print a Registration Form.
  • Phone 842.5642 to schedule a free trial lesson. The best times to phone are Mon-Fri from 2-7p and Sat/Sun 8:30a-5p, but our answering machine takes messages 24h/7d and we will always return your phone call as soon as possible.
  • Submit, or print out and bring with you, our on-line registration form, OR plan to arrive a few minutes early to complete this form.
  • Parking: At the Honolulu Gym, park in front of our building or on the street. There are additional spaces available in our neighbor’s parking lot on weekday evenings, Saturday afternoons, and all day Sunday. At the Waipahu Gym you are welcome to park on the street, in the entry drive way, or inside the large (aircraft hangar-looking) building. At the Pearl Harbor Gym there is ample parking on each side of Battleship Drive and in the Bloch Arena main parking area.
  • Check-in at the office and complete the registration form if you have not already done so. An adult signature is required before the student (child or adult) participates. Completion of the form is simply part of our liability protocol and does not obligate you to any sort of membership or payment.
  • Listen for the start of your (or your child’s) class at the scheduled time and begin warming up. If you cannot locate the instructor for your class ask the receptionist/gym manager or one of the instructors for assistance.
  • Peruse the program brochures (located in the Honolulu Gym on wall near reception office door and at the Pearl Harbor Gym by the front door or between the bleachers) and ask questions about the program and classes.
  • Get acquainted with others doing the same class and ask them about the classes you are taking. These members are potential car pool candidates and additional eyes and ears in the gym for you.
  • Follow up with the receptionist/manager before you leave to let her/him know whether you (a) want a spot in the class you tried (or a different one) thereby securing the enrollment, (b) require more time to decide, (c) are not interested in the class (releasing the spot for someone else), or (d) whatever else you with to communicate.
  • If the class you tried did not suit your needs, please work with the manager to address your concerns and find a different class to try.

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